How to Connect WordPress to Drip

Do you want to connect Drip to your WordPress website? is a marketing automation platform designed for e-commerce businesses to help personalize customer experiences, automate email marketing tasks, and drive repeat purchases and brand loyalty by understanding customer behavior and tailoring outreach accordingly.

Integrating Drip with your WordPress website can transform your email marketing. You can create targeted campaigns to resonate with your subscribers, enhance engagement, and boost conversions.

FuseWP lets you connect your WordPress site to your Drip account and perform actions, including syncing your users to your email list.

To connect your Drip account with FuseWP, follow the guide below.

Go to FuseWP >> Settings.

Click the “Configure” button in the Drip section to reveal the modal settings.

FuseWP integrations settings page

On the configuration modal, enter your Drip API Token and Account ID and save.

Getting your Drip API Token and Account ID

To get the API Token of your Drip account, follow the steps below.

Login to your account on Drip.

Go to Settings >> User settings, and you will see your API token.

Click the Create key button at the top of the page, enter the API key name, and submit the form.

Drip get account ID

Go to Settings >> Account >> General Info for your account ID.

Connect WordPress to Drip Today

FuseWP is an excellent solution for keeping your email list up-to-date and connected between your WordPress website and Drip.

It efficiently integrates WordPress users with Drip, eliminating the need for manual export/import. Automated synchronization ensures an accurate and reliable mailing list.

Integrating Drip with your WordPress website through FuseWP can revolutionize your email marketing efforts. By automating the synchronization between your WordPress users and Drip, you can ensure that your email list is always up to date without manual export/import processes.

Connect your WordPress site to Drip today with FuseWP and take your email marketing to the next level!

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