How to Connect WordPress to Klaviyo

Do you want to connect Klaviyo to your WordPress website?

Integrating your WordPress website with a powerful email marketing platform like Klaviyo can be a game-changer,  paving the way for efficient communication, targeted campaigns, and enhanced user engagement.

Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform that automates eCommerce email marketing to help businesses acquire, retain, and increase customers by sending marketing emails.

FuseWP has a Klaviyo integration, so you can effortlessly connect your WordPress site with Klaviyo. To get started, follow the guide below.

Go to FuseWP >> Settings.

Click the “Configure” button in the Klaviyo section to reveal the modal settings.

On the configuration modal, enter your Klaviyo API Key and save.

connect WordPress to klaviyo

Getting your Klaviyo API Key

To get the API Key of your Klaviyo account, follow the steps below.

  • Click your organization name in the lower left.
  • Click Settings > API Keys.
  • Copy an existing Private API key or create a new one.

Klaviyo API key page

Please note that we only need a Private API. Forget about the Public API Key.

Connecting WordPress to Klaviyo The Easy Way

If you want to keep your email list up-to-date, it’s important you connect your WordPress to Klaviyo. FuseWP is the perfect solution because it efficiently syncs WordPress users with Klaviyo, eliminating the need for manual data exports and imports.

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