CRM Specific Information on User Sync

Here, we explain how specific CRM integrations with our User Sync feature differ in how they work.


Our user sync feature uses email lists or audiences for segmentation, but ConvertKit doesn’t have a List feature.

Our ConvertKit integration uses tags for segmentation such that when a user is supposed to move from one segment to another, their previous tags are removed before they are assigned the actual tags.

For example, in the screenshot below that connects the ProfilePress membership plugin to ConvertKit, when a user’s subscription to the Agency plan becomes active, they are assigned the “Active” tag. The “Active” tag is removed when their subscription is canceled, and the “Cancelled” tag is assigned to them.

Connect WordPress (ProfilePress) to ConvertKit


When users change their account email in WordPress – from the profile page or the My Account and edit profile pages of supported WordPress membership plugins – FuseWP automatically updates their email in your email marketing software and CRM, too. Sadly, Flodesk API doesn’t support updating a subscriber’s email address.

We are closely monitoring Flodesk’s progress and will support it once they add the required feature.

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