Sync ProfilePress To Email List Based on Membership Plans & Subscription Status

Do you want to sync ProfilePress with your email marketing list and CRM?

FuseWP allows you to sync your users and members in ProfilePress to any of our supported email marketing software, including Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, AWeber, ConvertKit, Brevo (Sendinblue), HubSpot, Sendy, Klaviyo, Flodesk. This means that you can automatically add new WordPress users to your email list based on their subscribed membership plan and subscription status.

With FuseWP, you can effortlessly sync ProfilePress membership data to your preferred email marketing platform, ensuring that your email lists always reflect each user’s latest membership plans and status changes. This automated synchronization eliminates manual data entry and ensures your email campaigns reach the right audience at the right time.

Also, if a user’s membership subscription status changes, they will be moved to the corresponding email list. For example, say a user’s subscription status to a membership changes from Active to Cancelled; they will be removed from the Active email list and added to that of Cancelled.

In this article, you will learn how to subscribe members of your WordPress membership site to specific email lists based on their subscribed membership plans and subscription status in ProfilePress.

Syncing Members in ProfilePress to Your Email List

To sync ProfilePress members to your email marketing software, grab a copy of the FuseWP plugin and install and activate it on your WordPress site. After which, connect your email marketing software.

Go to FuseWP >> User Sync and click the Add New button.

On the page to add user sync rules, select a membership plan as the source.

Note that you can create as many User Sync rules as you want for each membership.

The Destinations metabox is where we configure the different subscription statuses of the selected membership plan and their respective email marketing integrations. You also have the option to map ProfilePress custom fields, besides standard WordPress user data, with your email marketing and CRM custom fields.

An Example

In the screenshot below, members who subscribe to the “Gold” membership plan with an active subscription will be added to the “Customers” list in your email marketing software.

If their membership is canceled, they will be unsubscribed/removed from the Active Subscription email list and subscribed/added to the Cancelled email list.

Don’t forget to save your changes when done and ensure the rule is active.

That’s how easy it is to sync members of ProfilePress to your email marketing and CRM platforms. And remember, FuseWP supports Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, AWeber, ConvertKit, Brevo (Sendinblue), HubSpot, Sendy, Klaviyo, Flodesk.

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